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CHEMATEC is a second generation family owned and run company that has succeeded for over 25 years in providing the FLEC® and its air pumps and accessories to customers all around the world.

CHEMATECs vision is to have healthier buildings for everyone at home and at work.

CHEMATECS mission is to develop and produce equipment to improve indoor air quality. We aim to maintain a high standard of technical expertise and be on the forefront with research and development in the indoor air field as well addressing our customers ever changing needs. We provide technical devices to collect and allow for measuring emissions released into indoor air starting with the actual mobile collection device to the air flow pump, computer software and accessories capable of collecting emissions from non-planar or non-solid surfaces. We persist at producing top quality, efficient and user friendly products and service.

CHEMATEC’s customers include building and commodities industries, consultants and public and private research and supervisory institutions from all corners of the globe.

CHEMATEC’s products can be applied in a range of settings including product development, screening and quality control.

CHEMATEC continues to produce top quality products and achieves this in collaboration with leading public research institutions including the Danish National Research Centre for the Working Environment, the Danish Building Research Institute, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and the Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institute in Germany.

FLEC’s history:

In the late 1980’s, the OECD made a statement calling for a need for improved indoor air quality. Simultaneous to the call, there was in Denmark a growing demand for a better indoor environment by identifying and quantifying emissions, which may be adverse to human health. Emissions from building materials such as paints and coatings, carpets, textiles, sealants and paper among other materials needed to be tested on-site as well as in the laboratory.

A Danish-Swedish collaboration answered the call and market demand by designing and producing an efficient, top quality, user friendly, hand-made product. The field and laboratory emission cell, FLEC®, was robust, made of inert materials with no emission of their own, had a large thermal capacity, negligible absorption capacity with regards to VOC’s, was easilty handled and cleaned.

CHEMATECS founder, Poul Erik Sørensen, worked on the FLEC project and was extremely interested in the public health risk, especially risk of allergies and asthma, inferred by poor indoor air quality. He was motivated to produce technical solutions to aid improving poor indoor air quality. Later, CHEMATEC took over and commercialized the FLEC®, and expanded its uses and operations.