Field and Laboratory Emission Cell (FLEC)

The FLEC® is a micro emission measuring instrument that determines and measures volatile and semi-volatile chemicals emitted from any planar surface. A special feature is that the FLEC® is taken to and integrates the teCst or sample material into the FLEC®, meaning that material testing can be done anywhere. The FLEC® is small, portable, easy to handle, clean and maintain.

The FLEC® has a robust chamber made of acid proof stainless steel. The internal surface is relative small and it is specially hand polished to minimise sink effects.

The FLEC® can be used in the laboratory for product testing and in the field for non-destructive sampling from planar surfaces such as floors, walls, ceilings etc or non planar surfaces such as carpets by using a test plate adapter. 

It is in accordance to the specifications required by international standard methods: prENV 13419-2, ISO/DIS 16000-10, ASTM 7143-05




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