Telescopes and clamps

The FLEC Telescope, Telescope extender and clamps make for easy testing with the FLEC® on hard to reach surfaces such as ceilings and walls.  


The Telescope and telescope extender are useful in the field. They are light weight and attach to the FLEC®. The FLEC Telescope is easily expandable from 2m to 3.5 m and can reach up to 5m with the additional FLEC Telescope Extender.


The Ceiling clamp, Wall clamp and Pump clamp fix the FLEC® securely to the test surface.

Ceiling Clamp

The Ceiling clamp tightens and secures the FLEC® at the end of the telescope and allows for measurements to be taken from high surfaces.

FLEC clamp ceiling
Air pump Clamp

The Air Pump-clamp places the Air pump close to the testing surface and can be used as a clamp for other purposes than just to hold the pumps close to the test surface.

FLEC clamp pump
Wall Clamp

The Wall clamp tightens the interface between a wall and the FLEC Cell. It  applies a horizontal pressure on the FLEC®. This is done by pressing the top and bottom of the telescope as close to the wall as possible to make a bow before easily locking it in position by pushing the button.

 FLEC clamp wall