Recovery measurements and sampling

The FLEC Test Kit for Recovery Measurements tests recovery measurements from test compounds such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). The FLEC Test plates measures emissions from samples such as sealants, paints and carpets.


FLEC Test Kit for Recovery Measurements

The FLEC test Kits are easy to use. By knowing the emission rate for a single compound under constant conditions (air velocity, humidity, temperature and pressure), you are able to make recovery measurements. FLECrecovery measurement pad

The FLEC Test Kit for Recovery Measurements consists of a glass plate with a cut hole in the centre adapted for a small vial, and an insolating pad. Add the desired VOC to the vial and weigh. Place the glass plate with the vial on the insolating pad, and place the FLEC Cell with the desired input flow on top. Note the time. After a few hours, depending on the evaporation rate of the compound, weight the insolating pad and calculate the emission rate. By knowing the evaporation rate, you can take a sample by a defined time and flow rate and calculate the weight of the compound absorbed on the sample tube(s).


FLEC Test plate for sealants

The test plate for Sealants measures emissions from small surface areas.  Generally, sealing materials have a high degree of emission and the surface area is therefore smaller to prevent overloading. FLEC test plate sealants2 FLEC test plate sealants

 The FLEC Test-Plate can easily be dismantled for cleaning.

FLEC Test plate for carpet

The FLEC Test-plate for Carpet collects emissions from samples such as carpets, fabrics etc. FLEC test plate carpet

FLEC Test plate adapters

The FLEC Test-plate Adapters is used in conjunction with the FLEC test plate for Carpets and allows for carpet thicknesses measurement from 1 – 10 mm in 1mm intervals. FLEC test plate adapter

The FLEC Carpet test-plate is made of aluminium. The adapter is insulated for external temperature fluctuations.

FLEC Test plate for paints and coatings

  FLEC paint and coatings 1 FLEC paint and coatings 2
FLEC paint and coatings 3 FLEC paint and coatings 4

The FLEC Test Plate for Paint and Coatings tests materials on a defined surface area with a defined coating thickness. Additionally it gives the possibility to check the test material weight.

FLEC Application Roller

The FLEC Application Roller is used to apply paints or coatings to specific area and at a specific thickness onto the FLEC Test Plate. FLEC application roller

It is made of hardened chromium-plated solid steel for the best surface, durability and tolerance. Its own weight applies a constant pressure assuring a uniform distribution of the test material on the FLEC Test-plate.